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David Black has been doing repair and restoration of fine wood furniture for over 25 years. His roots developed from his cabinetry business in the 1980's. The main focus of his business today is in restoration, repair and refinishing of furniture and musical instruments. He has built his company to reflect his woodworking philosophy and personal commitment to his customers.

Being a life long Kentucky woodworker David has built long term relationships with his customers. "We're highly responsive to the customer's needs. We approach each piece first from the customer's perspective and then we add our knowledge and expertise to restore the piece of furniture."

R & R's appreciation for their customers lends to a more interesting job. "R & R realizes that the value of the piece is in the nicks and dents that have happened over time.

By taking time with the customer we figure out together what needs to be preserved as a part of the customers family history and that enhances the value of the piece as a heirloom to be handed down for generations with it's unique stories intact

Historical reproduction turnings, stripping and refinishing, repairs of all types of fine furniture and musical instruments are all done with state of the art equipment. R & R utilizes their extensive knowledge of traditional methods and compliments them with the continuing education in advances in their profession.

With mobile repair equipment R & R can make repairs of dents, scratches, burns, and more in your home or office with out having to move the piece from its location. This is especially convenient for R & R's commercial accounts.



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